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Top 3 Best Websites to Verify your Song Lyrics.

Top 3 Best Websites to Verify your Song Lyrics.

Are you struggling getting your audience to grasp your lyrics? Or maybe people are hearing your music but they cant find it? Get yourself reliable and transcriber to verify your lyrics one on the websites dedicated to helping people find music on the internet.

You may be wondering where exactly can you get your lyrics verified on other sites. Another bugging question is, how do you know where to look? While every site has its unique characteristics sometimes its overwhelming to make a good pick on the right move to boost your search engine optimization & making the task of finding your underground music easy for anyone and everyone that hears it!

We made a small list of our top 3 favorite go-to websites to find Song Lyrics out there, we recommend that Artists verify there lyrics on one or all 3 of these websites to help boost search engine optimization of any particular song that someone may want to find the lyrics for.

There is a wide variety of invisible SEO tools & things of that sort that these websites can offer when it comes to promoting music.

#3 - A-Z Lyrics

This site has an incredible easy to use interface that makes searching lyrics lightning fast for anyone who hears an artists music on the radio, at a club, or in the car while another person is playing the DJ role on the road trip. A-Z Lyrics has a database that features over 300,000 lyrics from more than 7,000 featured artists in the mainstream, and underground sector.

On this platform Song lyrics on this platform are arranged in alphabetical order by artists’ names. Its search engine features song lyrics that are sorted by discography, album, video, pictures, and concerts.

#2 - Lyrics.Com

As voted one of the top websites to find lyrics on, this website offers a bunch of other sick features like Top Hits Lists, New Releases, & the Most Popular Songs Charts.Lyrics.com also allows users to search songs by Lyrics, Melodies, & Artists, Producers, & Engineers.


One of the best in our opinion, Genius.com is a crowd-sourced lyrics site that offers a ton of music-related stuff. In addition to hosting lyrics, the website covers Music-Related News, Music Releases, and In-Depth Information about Albums, Mixtapes, EP's, LP's, Singles, Music Videos, & other various projects that artists come out with. Every lyric page features the song lyrics, its preview, the album it came from, & the performing artist.

To say the least it would be most ideal to cross promote on as many platforms as possible, these are our recommendations.