Exclusive Music Promotional Package

Renegade Promotions saves artists their time & 1000’s of wasted dollars from paying inexperienced music consultants by providing an all inclusive package to grow their music platform.

Renegade Promotions, Entertainment, & Distribution is a one stop shop when it comes to Music Promotion for independent artists.

We offer the most affordable services to artists that want to legitimately grow their platforms and gain new loyal listeners and supporters.

Our promotional package includes

  • Press Coverage
  • Domestic/ International Radio AirPlay
  • Social Media Growth


First, we make sure that independent artists have some legitimate press coverage about the projects they want to promote. This helps artists gain traction and solidifies supporters to legitimize their music career.


Renegade Promotions is partnered with multiple University radio stations across the US that will give the artists an opportunity to grow a fresh new audience of listeners on an international scale.

The three major radio stations included for artists AIRPLAY are...


Each of these radio stations broadcasts in a regional area close to their headquarters giving the artist access to listeners in over 30 Major Cities!

These radio stations give artists the chance of exposure to over 100,000 listeners total per day.

Renegade Promotions makes it mandatory for Radio Listeners to Follow/ Support Independent artists to qualify for any give always that the radio station is doing, this is how artists can gain access to a loyal fan base & grow their audience organically.


We know how important it is to Build & Sustain a Public Image for up and coming artists.

Artists will gain followers, post engagement, and streams on these platforms...

  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud

We make it a priority to advertise and promote these artists on multiple platforms so their social media is constantly growing to a minimum of a few thousand people per month.

This Exclusive Promotional Package is available to Serious Artists only & is an investment of $250 to get started, and will be an option for artists to continue a monthly promotion at a rate of $250.

Please fill out an application to get started & an Agent will call you directly to help you through the rest of the process.