Fonzworth BeeZer is an American west coast legend making a name for himself in california! This multi talented artist is currently under management with “Gleam Team/Bush Gang”. We can say that Fonz is probably the best rapper you ain’t heard yet.

Fonz is from the West Side of Compton, CA, but they call it 🅱️ompton where he is from from, they just keep it politically correct when doing business.Fonz has lived all over LA county though including Long Beach, Carson, 3 different parts of Compton, Paramount, & Downey. His Nana stayed on the Haven (Belhaven Ave) and that’s HOME. 

Even after high school, Fonz went to two different universities out of state & the journey always lead back to Belhaven. 

“Honestly, that’s when this music thing actually got going for me. Right after Utah State University, my brothers and all my close friends were rapping and putting a crew together. I figured I’m home, it’s time I got going with y’all and boom. Fonzworth BeeZer began.”

Fonz is originally a lyricist/backpack rapper but over time, he grew to understand as a rapper, that he is selling content to people. He took the mainstream sound of today and met it somewhere in the middle with some clever wordplay and flow switches that won’t have anyone feeling that he has dumbed his music down dramatically.

Fonzworth Beezer has been making music on and off since 2012 after he moved back from college. Fonz came home and heard his my twin brother was rapping along with another on of his little brothers & a few of the homies. 

“I’m like “Damn bro, I need to get my pen game up to par if I think I'm gonna tryna rap too”. I Sat back for a few weeks just writing in secrecy. Listening to a bunch of rappers I admired like Curren$y, Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa, MF DOOM, Kanye West and a few others. Just tryna bring together what I liked about each artist and use that as the makings of my rap-being. Then once I felt like I mastered the style I wanted to have, I stepped out and been on it ever since.” 

Life hasn't always been fancy cars, clothes, & girls for Fonz, he has also had some personal setbacks that stalled his progression like jail, having a daughter, being homeless for a while, shiesty independent labels, & much more he chose not to mention but Fonz feels like he has also hit a hot point as of lately and things are only going up from here.

Fonz hasone full project out on all platforms called “BeeZers Universe”. This Project is Fire.

“I played with the auto tune a bit for listeners that are into Travis Scott/Gunna/etc. with tracks like “G4L” and “Helluva Night” and also some tracks for the streets “4 x 4” featuring a legend we lost way too soon Nebula Swavey 🙏🏽🖤 and “LAND” feat. Kee Riche$. I chose to go with the name BeeZers Universe because of the space feel I felt throughout the fire production from Big Greg, Boog Nasty Beats and Phaded J (my production team).”

In addition to that Fonz also has two more solo projects that’ll be released between now and the end of summer. One will be a direct follow up to the space themed BeeZers Universe called “Space Dandy” with more auto tune tracks and similar production and also another project with a more “LA based” sound that’s already 85% done and honestly it might be his best project yet. 

He doesn't have a name for the project yet, but soon. In the meantime Fonz was also staying busy with features making multiple appearances on the Gleam Team’s new project “Krack Musik Vol. 1” also featuring YG Riqo, Lil Myke, GT IKE, & production from Boog Nasty Beats, Big Greg and Phaded J.

One of Fonz hottest songs out right now is “POP OUT” featuring Louie Ray, YG Riqo, Lil Myke, & produced by Boog Nasty Beats, it is the second single off the Gleam Team’s “Krack Music Vol. 1” this project is a full on “Shit Talkin” EP.

Most of the projects production was done by Boog Nasty Beats and Big Greg, with one from Phaded J, who mixed all but one track one the EP. Shoutout to all artists on the project GT IKE, YG Riqo, Lil Myke, Booda Swavey, Brando BagChassa, And Louie Ray as well as Big Greg, Phaded J, Wayne 616 and Gleam Team USA.

“MOTION” is another Popping Single by Fonz, it’s the leading single to his next EP. This song is just showing some more of his “shit talking” skills while also bringing some more attention to GT IKE as a new artist with a lot of potential and a blazing beat from Boog Nasty Beats. 

“You gon get some bars that are like damn that man spitting. Then you gon get some lines that are high key funny. Catchy bars. Shit talking ain’t about having real structure and concepts, just getting off. Exactly what we did.”

Get in tune 6/19/2021 , Fonz wull also be headlining a virtual concert with Bree Starr and Bree Starr Productions, Links to the show will be made available soon, there will also be performances from GT IKE, Lil Myke, Big Greg & a few more.

“Thank you to all of my true supporters. I love and appreciate all of y’all. To everyone just jumping onboard, welcome. Much love to you all. Stay with me on this journey, it’s only going up from here I promise.”












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