Internship Program

About The Internship Program

Our internship program offers students a comprehensive 12-week plan designed to equip students with the essential skills & knowledge in entertainment, marketing, & sales. For those seeking to earn extra college credits, this program emphasizes key principles that are not only valuable for academic growth but crucial in the industry.

From learning the intricacies of brand development through promotional skills on social media to honing networking abilities at events & nurturing musical artists for the business side of the industry, this internship is a transformative journey.

The program's structured curriculum unfolds over the following weeks:


In the first week, interns delve into brand development and the pivotal role of social media in brand promotion. They become acquainted with various social media platforms, their respective audiences, and the best practices for content creation and audience engagement.

WEEK #2-4

Weeks two to four focus on social media content creation and management, teaching interns how to craft and schedule posts, analyze metrics, and engage effectively with followers. They also gain insights into creating and managing paid social media campaigns.

WEEK #5-7

Moving on to weeks five to seven, the program shifts gears toward networking and event planning. Interns learn the art of identifying and attending industry events, mastering the art of networking with professionals, and acquiring the skills to plan and execute successful events.

WEEK #8-11

Weeks eight to eleven delve deep into artist development and management. Interns are exposed to the nuances of spotting and evaluating potential musical talents, fostering their growth, and managing their careers. They also explore various career opportunities within the music industry.

WEEK #12 (Tier Graduation)

The final week, week twelve, allows interns to reflect on their learning journey and create a plan for applying their newfound skills in the real world. They have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns they may have about their future career in brand development.


Throughout this 12-week program, interns engage in hands-on learning through tasks, projects, and assignments that reinforce their knowledge and skills.

They receive valuable feedback and mentorship to aid in their personal and professional growth.

For those unable to commit to summer classes, this part-time internship program provides an invaluable opportunity to gain real-world job experience while working towards their academic goals.