Trxppy Almighty was Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois all of his life. He has spent a decent little amount of his childhood primarily in the western suburbs of Illinois with his family.

Trxppy is an original Singer, & Rapper, his music is truly a different and unique sound, . Trxppiy is a pioneer of his own original sound, there is no way to categorize his music, when you listen to it you will feel very mood heavy, but full of deep meaning and value if you truly can visualize the pictures he is painting with his words. Trxppy is  extremely versatile, you cant limit his abilities and only consider hima as a "rapper" it's bigger than that. 

Trxppy’s music can consist of rapping deep bars, to going berserk with no breath in between, to stretching out words, to lulling melodies literally all in the same track, its true talent.

Trxppy Almighty's flavor is unique because he is telling HIS story and telling the stories of others that have relatable experiences or paths in life. Some will hate, like, or be indifferent to his music, but there's at least one track a new fan will like if they give it a chance.

“My music can help people because it's my life story and growth in oral form, so if you relate or understand you'll connect with me. All that I'm doing with a versatile style and I want my fans and supporters, new or old, to understand that if you really rock with me you'll adapt to where my music might flow on a given track or project. I don't want to be predictable, just expect whatever I drop to be hot!”

Trxppy has been making music "professionally" for the public to hear since about late 2017 to 2018. His first track and videos were released in 2018 but it started to become a serious thought in his head long before it...

“I was making strides to prepare myself to put it out there in 2017 which gave me the momentum to make it happen upon my first release. I have always been musically inclined, I was in some music classes really young and experimented with instruments as a child. I loved music because it just touched my soul and spirit. Then, my uncles started a rap group called "The Outsidaz" or something like that and my Uncle Renzo R.I.P started taking it seriously getting fruity loops and making beats and what not it was on from then.”

Trxppy’s family took him under their wing and let him take a stab at the music production, he would write verses with them and then practice freestyling.

“What motivated me through all those journeys though was seeing artists from Chicago neighborhoods blow up and gain major success, plus seeing artists that didn't seem like they took music seriously or were musically inclined capitalizing on waves. I knew I'd forever regret giving my style and sharing my pain and story through the beauty of my music.”

Trxppy has a total of five projects that are out and available to listen to, his musical journey started from closest and basement studios, recording what he could & putting it out there. 

Trxppy Almighty’s first ever EP dropped on soundcloud and spinrilla, titled "My Lane", in this project, Trxppy was exploring his sound & staying in his own lane hence the title. After success with the EP Trxppy followed up with another project, releasing his first ever mixtape titled "Animal" this is an intro to his life story and included a lot of pain, talking about the real spill from inner city and personal struggles.

One of Trxppy’s most well known songs is his single “Tom Brady” Prod. By THE JdgGotIt, & engineered by Bilbo Beatz. The name speaks for itself as well as the covert art. Tom Brady, whether you like him or not, is a legend, one of a kind, beat almost all odds, and is known for coming in clutch.

“Once I came up with the lyric "Tom Brady I'm clutch in the fourth" I knew I would name it Tom Brady. I've always come in clutch in life and walk and maneuver with the confidence and swagger of a legend.”

Trxppy also has a give away selecting one lucky winner out of the group of people who are engaging with his music, that prize will consist of a $50 E-gift card to a retailer of the winners choosing, some restrictions will apply & if no  agreement can be made it'll be for Amazon.

To qualify users must follow Trxppy Almighty on instagram, watch "Tom Brady" on youtube, like/comment on the video. The winner will be selected at random, they will be contacted via social media at the end of the promotion,  & must have a valid email address to participate. 

If the youtube video eclipses 30,000 + views two winners will be selected instead of just one. Qualifying winners can also Record a Tik Tok, or instagram video whether it be a reel or video montage listening to "Tom Brady" or "Loading Slugs" and tagging trxppy.almighty on instagram to the video will increase chances of winning.

Another popular single is “Loading Slugs”, in this song Trxppy was reflecting on the days he was trying to survive and make it home to see another day. This song is a deep, beautiful, thought-provoking track meant to be enjoyed but it'll make you reflect if you can relate.

Trxppy is also in the works of trying to showcase some charity events but nothing is set in stone yet. He would also like to note that if any interested fans, supporters, or people trying to be involved or donate please feel free to follow him on my socials for updates regarding those. 

More music videos are on the way! No upcoming shows yet either but in the near future coming soon, so just follow me and stay tuned!! He would also like to tell his supporters!!

“I love you & I love any support that comes my way. To the new supporters what's popping? To the day-1 supporters we locked in! Get on the wave now because it's bigger than music! Anything is possible. I'm living proof. I hope my story resonates with you in some way and can help or add value.”

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