40KaratJarrett – The Voice of Dover,De 🗣️

40KaratJarrett – The Voice of Dover,De 🗣️

40KaratJarrett was raised in Dover Delaware, his style of music is melodic & the new R&B! Once you listen, you will hear the smooth sounds and relatable love situations people go through with a bounce for the radio & club.

40KaratJarrett's music is different because he gives us relatable music that we either have witnessed somebody else go through or are currently going through ourselves. He refrains from degrading women & embraces all sizes, shapes, & colors promoting equality.

40KaratJarrett has been making music since 2017 and when he returned from college he used music as a tool to help promote his brand inspiring the youth to pick up a camera or become an artist whether it was a poet, singer, or rapper.

40KaratJarrett's earliest inspirations are artists such as Lloyd, Usher, Mario & Neyo.

These artists inspired him during the time when they were releasing their love music & love stories, 40KaratJarrett was battling through a situation with his first love in high school and was able to relate and share the same pain.

40KaratJarrett has several singles including his Debut R&B single “All on me” ft Wale & Jay Critch which landed on HipHop nation Xm Radio!

His latest EP that came out January 2021 titled “UrFavArtist '' & is now approaching 250,000 total streams and gives you different vibes & situations on love and being in love throughout the whole tape.

40KaratJarrett gives you new R&B but also gives you classic block party R&B vibes all through the summer! Also to mention he has songs that made a debut from the EP on a movie called “Love you right” available on Amazon prime movies.

UrFavArtist is an 8 trCK EP, the title of the EP was a statement to the DMV in all upcoming R&B artists that consider themselves competition, 40 is claiming the next big R&B artist advocating and giving good mental health for love in our community! There were no features on this project but was well assisted by Kyle Owens a signed writer from BMG Records!

Another hit single 40 has is “Things That She Likes” (Produced by tribe beats), this song is about ultimately pleasing the female not just physically but mentally! It's about making her feel complete every time she’s around!

Next upcoming event will be a video shoot for “things that she likes” since it’s been placed on a playlist that has reached over 2 million views and is gaining a lot of attention!

The project can be downloaded on Apple Music and Spotify also 40’s team will be selling TUHD T-shirts necklaces and sweat suits! For merchandise please contact @40KaratJarrett on Instagram! 40KaratJarrett will also be doing a live podcast Speaking on the project & new goals/plans for TUHD! They will have 40KaratJarrett T-shirts & Necklaces.

“Love you all appreciate the ones who help me get this far”

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https://open.spotify.com/album/2G3rARsDeYEVbnKGc9BhTw?si=xQX4dbOLRsWkoBJ9vkZhcA Instagram.com/40KaratJarret