NAT3D0GΒ  is originally from Maupin, Oregon. He is a multi talented Rapper & Producer who is working his way to the top of the music industry. NAT3 was born and raised in Riverside, California, he moved around a lot throughout southern Cali when he was younger, but always stayed an hour away from L.A. In 2014 his family packed up and left California and moved to Oregon.

NAT3D0G has a unique style, his flows are always switching directions, NAT3 can go from Hard Trapstyle stuff to a Rap that will put-you-in-a-trance. Sometimes he will get lyrical but he reminds us that he is always having fun when recording.

As far as lyrics, NAT3DOG doesn't stray too far from the usual, he might switch up a phrase to fit a bar with a rhyme scheme, so it might sound confusing. His flow patterns are always changing though, and his energy is for sure unmatched.

NAT3DOG started making beats back in 2017 but didn't feel like he was doing anything great so he would hardly work on anything. But in 2019, NAT3 picked up the Mic again & started freestyling all the time with one of his day one homies, Tyler King a.k.a. YVNG D3XT3R.Β 

β€œWe started feeling like recording, so I used a laptop I borrowed from the public library and a SnoBall mic. After a little bit, I got my brother, Matthew (Y3ti), and another homie, Dalton (MAC'L0VIN/R3dn3ck J3di), in on it.”

These creative geniuses got together and started a group called β€œHYP3B0IZ”.

After they dropped their first tape, β€œHBFL Vol. 1”, NAT3 decided he would start his first solo album anmed, β€œN0T3B00K” and he started getting better with beats, NAT3 also mentioned that It took a while to master a quality sound.

Eminem, J. Cole, Big Sean, XXXTentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God, & Juice Wrld are some of NAT3’s inspirations for his sound, he told us that...

β€œWell their stories all varied but when they had a message, I truly felt it. I cannot understand how it is to live in the shoes of an African American (Besides Em), but I did live the struggle too.My ma was a single mother with three kids and could hardly look to anyone for help. Full respect for my momma. I would like to be respected just like everyone who has lived a difficult life. I believe that these artists help that message spread. That everyone needs to have respect for each other. I mean mindless flexing is fun, trust me. But every now and then, a good message can really help people.”

Right now NAT3 has 11 projects out on Spotify, Apple Music, & YouTube after signing a distribution agreement for those last October.

Also he has a mixtape on Spotify, Apple Music, & YouTube exclusively that is not on SoundCloud. Overall NAT3DOG has released over 200 songs throughout the platforms and has more unreleased music stored in his vault, marinating for the right time to drop.

One of NAT3’s most popular Projects is β€œALL TH3 SM0K3” which is an Album that consists of 8 Songs snapping on the haters and truly not giving a damn about the biased opinions of the people he thought were on his side before he started this.

NAT3 has one feature and it's one of the β€œHYP3B0IZ”, MID B00GI3.

The next project that is making its way up the charts is his 4 song EP β€œN0T3B00K 1.5”.

This is the second part of the β€œN0T3B00K” series, but it's just the EP before the album, β€œN0T3B00K 2”. When NAT3 first started on N0T3B00K, he wanted to test the waters & see what he was best at.

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