Will Heck – “#RapMyMind Vol. 1” 📈🚀

Will Heck – “#RapMyMind Vol. 1” 📈🚀

Will Heck is an original Rapper making noise in North Hollywood, although growing up in Southern California, he moved around quite a bit, but life always redirected him back to North Hollywood. 

Will spent a year in Grambling, Louisiana during his early college years, which gave him some new experiences. Will was able to see what Southern American culture is like, experiencing new things like music, food, & the overall vibe of the people.

Will Heck is definitely a hip hop artist, not specifically a rapper. His sound can range anywhere from the turn up hype club music, to the chill lo-fi type of music. Will told us that he has been influenced by anything from The Temptations to Chris Brown, also stating that one of his favorite rappers is definitely Jay-Z.

It can take Will anywhere from 5 mins to 3 weeks to write a song. Certain references take research to make sure they are used with the correct context so the listener can correctly comprehend the connections and metaphors he's trying to create. 

Will Heck started making music originally when he was 19. 

“I was making songs in a closet in college with the homies. Thinking that we had to make flashy lines to brag about things we don’t have or a life we don’t live. I took a break for a few years because I just lost interest. But after a stint as a dancer, gaining some actual life experience, I started up again when I was 22.”

Will Heck honed his writing skills through poetry and creative writing exercises, he started making music because he saw it as a way to express himself. 

"My inspirations… I would say that my biggest drive comes from my aunt and uncle, who were in a group back in the 80’s called 10db. And my father who was a singer, he never made it big but the passion he had for it was apparent. I’d go to the studio with him and be there to experience every take, every note, & I loved it all.”

Will originally debuted with a mixtape entitled “Memoirs of Me” which was his way of getting out the anger & pure emotions he had at the moment of writing it.

Following the Mixtape, Will released some singles, & eventually got started on another project titled, “More than Music” with the help of his friend DiFiNiTiV. 

“That was my first EP. It came to fruition not long after my grandmother had passed. I was in a dark, numbing, and stagnant place in my life. At a point where I was unsure of myself and where I wanted to be. So that allowed me to release those feelings.”

Most recently, Will Heck released his first album “#RapMyMind Vol. 1” , to follow that Will plans on releasing another 12 songs soon, but has not disclosed release dates

“That album was a lot of fun to create. It’s a bunch of different vibes. Some hit, some miss but the flow is undeniable. I felt it was time to show my skills as a lyricist."

The name came from self expression and reflection. Will Heck is wrapping his mind around the reality that he is in.

The lyrics are pretty deep on some songs, and on others they’re just to help you have a good time. Pimp has been a fan favorite, when originally that song is a reference track since the song was meant for someone else he says. 

Fans' personal favorites off the album are “Bounce” or “Old Soul”. Will worked with his business bartner Split, his Producer/ Engineer DiFiNiTiV, a good friend Kid LowLieF, and some others like Kasey Yale and Sharard Baker.

Another big project Will Heck has out is “More Than Music”, an EP consisting of 4 major hits. This project is about motivation. What drives someone. The title track speaks on going through challenges, coming out on the other side stronger than before. About how it’s more than just rap. To Will, music is about love, about connection, about something bigger than ego. So that’s how the project came to be. It’s a raw hip hop feel.

“On this EP I was able to collaborate with DiFiNiTiV as well as bouncing ideas back and forth with Split and my other business partner Doxxel. We’ve all been pretty close through the whole process and the opportunity to create together is incredible.”

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