Joslyn Sky: The Rising Star from the Empire State 🌃

Joslyn Sky: The Rising Star from the Empire State 🌃

Joslyn Sky is the voice behind the sweet sounds you have probably been hearing everyone listening to lately! Joslyn is originally from Bronx, New York. She was raised in upstate New York and MA moving back & forth between the two, not to mention she also lived in Georgia for

a year & Florida for 10 months before taking a one way ticket to California to chase her dreams.

You will know it's Joslyn Sky when you hear the music come onto the radio, it is a mix between Pop, Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, & R&B. It’s heartfelt and turns pain into beauty & negatives into positives, it’s the soundtrack of her life. 

“It's how I make art out of my situations & emotions and what makes my life more beautiful is guiding my emotions and intense feelings into a magical place that transmutes sadness into fulfillment and peacefulness. It makes me feel way better and stable after I create a song.”

Joslyn began writing at age 14 while playing piano by ear, turning her feelings into sounds and her words into melodies. Joslyn lived on a small two seat couch for 3 years or so, from 10th grade to 12th grade without a room. 

“I lived in the living room so couches are comfy and secure to me. But my mom and step dad saw me playing piano and writing music all the time in the living room from the kitchen."

Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are some of Joslyn Sky’s biggest inspirations for music. In middle school all of her classmates would ask her to impersonate their voices when singing. Then she ended up finding her own voice. 

“I also loved Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne and rock bands! They made me feel empowered and like I can scream on music and make it beautiful. That’s what my 1st Album “Pain Is Beauty” is about.  When I was in 4th grade I did my First talent show in front of a live audience wearing a Asian dress to perform reflection by Mulan but Christina Aguilera's version.”

Joslyn Sky has released over 12 singles & 1 Album, it consists of a mixed style of singing, rapping, with a pop/ hip hop theme. In addition to that she has her 1st Album dropping August, 19th 2021. There will be an exclusive release party in Hollywood the same day.

We know the themes of a couple of the songs on the actual project where Joslyn talks about her story in the music industry, a song for for her Mom in dedication to losing her older brother on Christmas Eve of 2020, also an exclusive song that she wrote 12 years ago. 

“I am finally Putting it Into The World so you can all hear exactly where my Music stems from. We also did some music Projection on another version of this song with guitar and drums. Another song Is speaking on how my Anxiety makes Me rock back and forth but I am Still grateful I’m Alive. It talks about The ups and downs. It's very Inspiring and uplifting.”

Pain Is Beauty is her infamous 7 song Album that talks about her story and gives  insight to where her music creativity stems from and perseverance turning pain into beauty.

Joslyn also has another big song on the radio right now is “Pretty Little Things” featuring KeewiMakingMillions and Produced by Dj Guilly D, it is the hot new single you have probably heard on Tik Tok or Instagram, this also goes in correlation with Joslyn’s upcoming clothing line “Pretty Little Things”.