🎵 Kashious: The Voice of R&B!

🎵 Kashious: The Voice of R&B!

The Living Legend Kashious was born in Washington D.C. Due to the extensive travel of his father's military career, Kashious was raised in different parts of the country, which allowed him to cross paths with people from all walks of life. Kashious said he has been blessed with the opportunity to study, play sports, & sing alongside many, as he learned from their culture & now illustrates his experiences through his ultimate dream: Making Music.

Kashious is an original Singer, Engineer, & Producer. Kashious is also a pioneer of Motown. In other words, "The New Motown Sound", Blended Soul, because it has different genres mixed together to make a tranquil unheard sound in your ear.

The music that Kashious makes is refreshing & pleasing to the ear as it has that old school feel in a retro way. It literally takes you back to the days of Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, Arron Neville, Luther Vandross & other legends.

Kashious has been making music since 2006. 

“Music has always been my number one passion as I grew up singing in church and playing instruments. So I decided to get serious and share my talent with the world. I keep recording because I love to share my story and also I intend to keep going as I know my turn is coming and I want to have plenty for my fans to listen to.”

B.B. King, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, Aaron Neville, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Minnie Ripperton, Barry White, Tina Marie, The Whispers, The Isley Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire, are only some of the big inspirations that Kasious has in the music world.

“I do believe that we share many of the same struggles in life that we have to adapt and overcome. They motivate me to not make the same mistakes they did growing into this industry & also to give my best as well as be my best at all times in a very professional manner with integrity and humbleness.”

At this time Kashious has 11 projects released. Starting his journey in the church, he has come a long way in his musical career. This music style is influenced by old-school R&B, Jazz, Blues & Soul. From dropping his self-titled album ‘Kashious’ in 2007. He is still producing soulful music and releasing new projects frequently. 

You might recognize Kashious’s face from performing at Humphrey’s, By The Bay Backstage & Queen Bees. Also you might have caught him on his first radio interview with Soul Discovery 209 radio with Mick O'Donnell. He has had an illustrious music career.

Kashious music also made it to the Billboard charts in the U.K. & was #1 on ReverbNation. A singer, songwriter, and talented musician, His powerful vocals are extraordinary & have earthy roots that will be stuck in your head all day! 

“My musical influence from legends helped me to develop my unique style. From singing about pain to love, I have explored my creative wave length when it comes to music. My latest songs, 'Time' and 'Without Your Love,' are along with the same themes of pain, sadness, and passion of love.”

Kashious is also a one-person army. He has immersed himself in the whole process of music production, from lyrics to producing/ Engineering music. 

“I believe in God & the talent that has been bestowed upon me. I plan to share part of myself with the world through my songs.”

Time - Single

“I have had my share of ugliness in life and have definitely paid my dues. I wrote this song as a result of doing prison time. That is what led me to name the song “Time”. I realized that even being in the free world you can still be locked away in your mind.”

Being inside your own head can be mentally tough as well, he used the pandemic as an example. Kashious told us that you still have to come through like a champ with God's help. He also noted that his faith will keep him moving forward as well as his creative side.

The most extraordinary producers in the business are part of this project, "Jeff MCCullough" from “Tree Hill Media” has played a big part in the production of this project.

Another hit song from Kashious is: “Without Your Love”, a Single.

This song is about a man who realizes that he has met his soul mate & kind of messes things up between them & finally figures out that he doesn't want to be without her. He knows everything about her but takes her for granted and almost loses her until she hears this song that he wrote for her.

“Again, we want to mention the amazing producer “Jeff MCCullough” & his ability to help create that perfect sound you want. He can take a little of nothing and make it sing to you. I have had the pleasure of working with him and he knows exactly what I want & how to give it to me! Much Love & Respect to this extraordinary producer. Wishing him the best in all his endeavors!”

“I would like to thank all the fans of my music for hanging in there with me and allowing me to keep creating for you  as it is you who keep me wanting to make music & releasing the best of me. If it wasn't for you there would be no me. 

Much love and respect to you all and may God continue to bless you 24/7!!!”

- Kashious

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