🎵 Jimmi EZz, The Emerging Voice of Philadelphia!

🎵 Jimmi EZz, The Emerging Voice of Philadelphia!

Jimmi EZz has been making a buzz in the music scene because of his talent to mix Hip Hop, Jazz, & Soul into a new kind of unheard music genre. 

Jimmi has grown up in a few places, some being Philadelphia, Maryland, & the DMV Area. You can feel his Creativity & Passion, making the music rare, not just different. It all started when he first started writing poetry, then, music became his outlet. 

“Here I am today out of desire to do what I always wanted, no matter who is proud or not.”

2pac, Kool G Rap, Dmx, Busta Ryhmes, AZ, Gangstarr Guru, The Lox, Beanie Sega, Jay z, JCole, Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, Dave East, Benny the butcher, & Pusha T, are many of the artists who have inspired Jimmi EZz to keep his name relevant in the music industry.

“I have always been interested in lyrical content like Metaphors, Similes, & Rare Wordplay, these artists are elite when it comes to lyrical wordplay.”

Jimmi EZz has 2 projects that he has released on all platforms. His 1st project titled, “The Survival Epilogue”, which was officially released August 12th, 2019. He recently just released another project being his first ‘Album’ which was titled , “EZzThePain”.

“EZzThePain” consists of 11 songs,

“I came up with this project based on my name. I spell my name with creativity so I’ve gotten people to understand my name. 

It’s spelled ,”EZz”, but pronounced, “Ease”. Speaking for the people lyrically with passionate vibes that give off the proof of a struggling process turning into a positive impact. 

The process of overcoming through noise.”

Jimmi EZz doesn’t have any features on this project but big love & big shout goes out to the help of Terrell Rouse (Mentor/ Manager), producers of @Beatstars, @BeatKingLoso (Organic), @VoodooDoggy (Frank Matthews, Demeanor, @DreamLifeBeats (Different View). [“If I left any way 1 out you know who you are.”]

Another awesome project that is making noise is Jimmi’s 7 song EP “The Survival Epilogue” This was the 1st project to introduce Jimmi into the music industry.


“I’m a raw artist so, I basically focused this whole project on being me & that’s raw and elite. My 1st project gave my second project all of the roots that it needed to grow from & that’s what I brought with this project. It was the beginning of my foundation. I had a lot of fun but I also showed a lot of passion in the mix.” 

Jimmi remembers of his greatest moments recording the album being the day he recorded his song titled 

“Survival”, the last song on the project . 

“I shedded tears while in the booth while putting this song on wax. I fought instant goosebumps while recording. That’s when I knew that my future in music was capable of having a rare ride of greatness for me.”

There are also no features on this project, but big love & shout out goes out to Kevin @Maddlabstv & @futureguru100 for big promo & mentorship. Jimmi worked with others on sounds & more with publishing and distribution under TuneCore.

Currently, Jimmi is in the process of shooting a lot of videos that are on the “EZz The Pain” album. Also Jimmi is talking to different movie directors about getting some of his film projects off of the ground. 

Acting, Modeling, & other forms of entrepreneurship have also been talked about to extend his reach into the entertainment industry.

From digital business cards, to billboards, & all the way to craigslist, this album is being promoted. 

“I am actually in the process of taking revenue and giving my fans and my people merchandise. Sweaters, T-shirt’s & custom designed saxophone stamped “Natural Vibe Ent. LLC” (Natty Vibrations Entertainment LLC) outdoor & indoor wear.”

My supporters are everything to me. 

I put my 1st song out on all platforms & I now own my own entertainment company due to the fact that I was supported by these people.”

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