🎵 Moneystacker JT: Midwest Melodic Hip Hop Artist

🎵 Moneystacker JT: Midwest Melodic Hip Hop Artist

Moneystacker JT was born & raised in Gary, Indiana , but he currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. His style stands because of his ability to switch melodies on command making him a Melodic Hip Hop Artist.

JT brings versatility with his flow on the beats. He has been making Music for 4 years now. Starting in 2018, he decided that he wanted to start taking it seriously because he really liked the music he was creating.

Polo G, Lil Wayne, Juice WRLD, Drake are a few names that got Monestacker JT focused on making it big in the music industry.

“They all inspired me to start making music because of the passion they carried & unwillingness to quit doing what they love to do.”

Moneystacker JT doesn’t have any major projects out yet ,but he has a few singles in his catalog for people to check out such as, “No Stoppin”, “Tryna Get Rich Pt.1”, & “No love”.

“No Stoppin” is Moneystacker JT’s biggest song, the lyrics in the song are motivational for anyone who is doing something. JT ensures to to never quit, just keep going & keep it pushing until you reach your goals.

“Shoutout to Gibbo, the producer of the beat. Keep doing your thing, keep working!”

Another big Single that Monestacker JT released is “Tryna Get Rich Pt.1” featuring Occ Taee. The name of the song is based on the first bar, “I been on the road chasing a bag, hell yeah, I’m tryna get rich!”.

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