🎵 MyTimeFiji: Massachusetts Soundcloud Legend

🎵 MyTimeFiji: Massachusetts Soundcloud Legend

MyTimeFiji was born & raised in Massachusetts, you probably know him for his incomparable sound, there ain’t no other person with his type of flow, it’s just Fiji!

Fiji’s creative bars & smooth flow on beats is what really makes him stand out from the line of average SoundCloud rappers you hear nowadays.

“I've been making music ever since I was little and never took it seriously until I realized this is what I want & I started putting my heart into it after I graduated.”

Some of MyTimeFiji’s inspirations would be Drake, Lil Wayne & many more to mention.

“I was inspired with how they made their music, how they moved, what they would do. Also they can switch flows on a beat when you're expecting something else & surprise you with their bars.

MyTimeFiji currently has one single titled “Change On Me” released on SoundCloud.

“The song is about love & how you can watch someone change on you no matter what you guys have been through. You never really know anyones true intentions.”

This song has one feature with his brother “swaaaavy on the track”, he comes in on the first verse.