🎵 RLPson Making Noise In The Texas Music Scene!

🎵 RLPson Making Noise In The Texas Music Scene!

RLPson is one of the hottest names to emerge out of the Texas Music Scene, he was born & raised in Louisville Kentucky until he was about 7 years old, upon reaching that age he then moved to his mom's hometown San Antonio, TX.

RLP has never lived in any other cities other than San Antonio, but he hopes to move his music making headquarters to Los Angeles, California after he graduates UTSA with his masters in architecture.   

Once you listen to his music you will notice that RLP’s style is definitely influenced by Rap & Hip Hop. It's a unique mixture of sad/hype music that will stand out from any other artist. This is the kind of music that makes people feel things that they can relate to.

It's very easy for “Up & Coming” talent to fall into the cliché of the typical SoundCloud rapper that sounds like everyone else. RLP’s music differentiates from others in the sense that it creates meaning and structure behind every bar that he lays down. 

“I create music that puts a smile on every single one of my fans & I like to say that my music inspires people. I talk about positivity, love, prosperity, & inspiration. I attract listeners by being different from everyone else that has the same recycled flow.”

RLPson has been perfecting his craft for a long time now. He started making music when he turned 13, & set up his first home studio when he turned 16. 

“I have been making music for 8 years now and I could honestly say it has been a journey. When I first started making music I used to be so bad that my flow was off beat sometimes or not in tune with the song at all.”

 RLP received very little attention on his first song titled "Lil Trump." He made the song as a hype song to spread a message that Donald Trump was advocating at the time, not long after that he started promoting himself as a rapper around school to his friends. 

Day by day more of RLP’s friends started promoting as well. Before you know it he was popping all around his school until he started buzzing around the city. 

RLPson has an extensive track record with many others in the music industry, he has worked with many producers and other artists in his city such as, Eric James, DADA, TG, Lil Quattro, and many others. 

“Working with a lot of different artists & producers in the city really helped me establish connections in the surrounding area, before you know it, the city started to know my name, which made me never give up.” 

That determination got him his first 120,000 streams on his most recent album "6 am sad boy" & 41,000 streams on his other recent song 'Faith Brought Me".

Some of RLP’s  earliest inspirations were Juice WRLD, Eminem, Drake, & Lil Baby. These rappers really drive RLPson because they never fail to inspire people. 

“Artists like Drake, Juice WRLD, Lil Baby really inspire me because of the various flow patterns that they have on different tracks. They get the most hype in the music world because of how they are able to execute their tracks & that's what my motivation is.”

RLPson currently has two projects out right now called "My Name Is RLP" & 6am sad boy". He is currently in the process of working on a third project called "The Power Within Red Blossoms". 

“My Name is RLP” was his debut album so his fans could understand who he is & what he is destined to become. After listening to the whole album you can tell that this was just the beginning for RLP & that he had a long way to go.

6AM Sad Boy Album:

The “6AM Sad Boy” album took a full 180, The flow patterns are different from every song. As of now RLP is planning to release his newest project " The Power Within Red Blossoms" on may 20th 2022.

“This project shows listeners a new side of me in a way that I am able to mix hype with sad music until they correspond perfectly. This album gives out a new turn around compared to how I used to rap before, it gives out an energy of all the experiences I have gained and new flows I have to offer.”

“The Power Within Red Blossoms” will be a 16 track Album. The concept behind the project will be about creating prosperity where there is struggle. 

“When I think of red I often think of roses as this is a flower of power & inspiration. As you listen to the album you will notice a switch from hype to sad in a way that expresses how I came into the rap game & how I was able to develop different flows as well.”   

This project had a ton of top tier collaborators to make this vision turn into a reality. Many producers & artists featured brought the whole album together.

“I'd like to thank “Sogimura” & “The Nextlane Beats” for production of the album & engineering of the vocals.” 

Some of the features on this tape will be “Hellboy9k”, “Rich Hobo”, “Eric James”, & “TwoFaced”. 

“Faith Brought Me” is another Single that is on its way up in the music charts, this song was about how RLP’s destiny was to become a notorious rapper & that he was gonna make it no matter what. RLP intended it to be inspirational to his listeners so that anyone who listened could make it as long as they never gave up.

Faith Brought Me Music Video:

RLP doesn’t currently have any special events planned, but he said he is  working on getting some made real soon.

You can go get a copy of "Rap Vintage Magazine" inside you will find a featured article about RLPson. 

Keep a look out for RLP’s live broadcast on Instagram, he says he does this from time to time to see how the fans are feeling about a quick teaser of an upcoming song that he has.