🎵 YNGN1CK, Making Noise in Milwaukee!

🎵 YNGN1CK, Making Noise in Milwaukee!

YNGN1CK was born & raised in Milwaukee, WI. You might recognize him from the trending music page on youtube for his one of a kind Chill, Vibe, Sad genre. YNGN1CK most definitely has his own sound, making every new song he releases better than the last!

This rising legend started making music when he was only 14 years old! 

“I've always loved hearing music & hearing different flows, then one day I was at a friend's house & we were listening to beats, then I just started singing on them & flowing & he's like "yo that's hot" so I started writing music, everyone liked how I sound so I kept going.”

YNGN1CK said he is inspired by a couple other artists that go by & Eli Sostre. He says he can feel & relate to what they rap about a lot. It just feels good listening to them, he said, in addition to that he also stated that he would love to get a feature from them one of these days.

YNGN1CK currently has singles out right now, his catalog is actually full of 42 singles at the moment but he plans on dropping an album real soon.

One of YNGN1CK’s hottest singles is “Caution” Ft. Tony Savage & Lil Drill,

We asked what the concept of the project was about & YNGN1CK told us that…

“A Lot of people get robbed in the music industry because people get mad that they don't have or live the lifestyle that you got & you lose a lot of friends too because they tryna plot or steal. So you gotta stay cautious.”

Another song you might have came across from YNGN1CK is “You Lame”

“Sometimes you just wanna be alone by yourself & get lit & forget about all the bad things & negative things in life & sometimes people don't want you to be happy, sometimes when you're right & the other person is wrong you have to just agree with them to stop the fight.”

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