🎶 Dutchie Killa Verse – Cincinnati’s Finest

🎶 Dutchie Killa Verse – Cincinnati’s Finest

Dutchie Killa Verse was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He moved to Atlanta for a summer & returned to Cincinnati for school in audio/ video & has been in Cincinnati since graduating.

Dutchie Killa Verse style of music really stands out from all of the rest, his melodic sound could be described as authentic, original, timeless but what he likes to call it is his version of life. It’s a mixture of rap/ hip hop but not in any way that anyone else has done it before.

Dutchie Killa Verse's unique personality & creative thinking stands out the most about his music when he uses clever metaphors and punchlines in the songs he makes.  Once you hear this unique sound, any  audience can identify him when he is featured on someone else’s song.

Dutchie Killa Verse has been making music since he was in high school. 

“I got started making music with my cousin and a close friend of ours. They originally were the ones who started it, then after a while I got into making music with them. In 2011 our friend passed & now I continue to do music because that’s what we did and now it’s like therapy.”

Dutchie Killa Verse also mentioned that…

Early in his childhood Michael Jackson was the biggest thing ever, his stage presence and his music was something to admire and gain inspiration from. As he grew up, Lil Wayne& Tupac (Only to name a couple) became his inspiration because of their lyrics & the influence they have on our culture today.

"Lil Wayne in particular is one of those creative minds where you have to take a step back or a second listen to appreciate what he is saying. And that’s how I like to think some of my bars and punchlines do.”

Tupac's influence and impact on the culture has inspired hundreds if not millions of people around the world with his music and how he uses his voice for his community.

Dutchie Killa Verse has three projects out now on all platforms. The biggest project, “The Patrick Ewing Project” & the latest EP was just released on 4/14/22. 

“I have titled all my projects after the word project because I view my music career and life as such. We build not for today, but for tomorrow kinda mentality. My growth will take time, something like how a project will take time to complete.”

Money Talk is another hit single sitting on Dutchie Killa Verse’s record shelf.

“The concept about this project is about how we make money but have to spend it to make it back. Every conversation has to be about making some money or I don’t wanna have the conversation.”

Money talk does not have any features, it is a solo track that was constructed in the studio while the beat was made.

“I am the project” is another 6 song EP that Dutchie Killa Verse has made history with, there are 6 songs on this EP. This project is his first project release since the “Patrick Ewing Project” that came out 3 years ago. Since then Dutchie Killa Verse has been working on putting together a catalog of music that he is planning to release in the near future.

“Every song is a solo track that I put together, featuring producers like Natown, Nova Lennon, OE Bangers, Ncongnito, & Rell Shellz.

Dutchie Killa Verse has new music and videos dropping. But no release dates at this moment. Dutchie Killa Verse is also doing Instagram & Facebook broadcasts to help promote the project, Dutchie is also doing face to face interactions when he is in public.