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UP & COMING ARTISTS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2020 – R.A.E.(Real And Explicit)

UP & COMING ARTISTS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2020 – R.A.E.(Real And Explicit)

WHO IS R.A.E. (Real & Explicit)

R.A.E. (REAL AND EXPLICIT) Is the one and only original Singer, Song Writer, Rapper, & Producer to watch come out of Prince Georges County Right now. R.A.E was born and raised in Prince Georges County, Maryland but she also lived in the DMV.

This master of talent has been involved with the music since she was 3 years old, she is the sound of the new sound of this generation, she’s edgy, fresh, and unique! She got her feet wet in the music industry at the beginning of 2017.

I started music it’s such a huge passion for me and i just loved how creative and innovative i was with music. So, i decided to build the career in music to be able to share my art with others and the whole world to be able to provide and produce real music. “

Her earliest inspiration was Rihanna because of her boldness and daring confidence in her own work. Within each of the years thar Riri has been in the game, she never has let the music industry box her into one category because she created he own lane, that is what R.A.E. Plans to do also.

Another inspiration was Missy Elliott because she is the biggest pioneer for rap music for females, she created her own beats and wrote her own songs, and directed videos to show the world that a woman can do just as much as a man can do, maybe even better.”

R.A.E. Says that she manages to inspire herself daily, her spirit is strong and she is very well determined to accomplish anything. Her creativity continues to surprise everyone around her, she has really shown us that she has a special gift that changes lives, her changing mindset is what is going to take her music game to the next level.

She has 1 EP out right now titled: “ITS ALL IN THE NAME”, which is like an introduction to her new sound & music, also being the first project that she has ever released. The concept behind this project was to provide a mood & also show her fans some versatility.

I wanted to show that I’m not just hip hop; i am an artist who can create whatever sound i want.”

R.A.E. Has 6 singles marinating in her music vault, one of the titles being: :CHAMPION”, a song that explains the feeling of winning the gold medal after a string of hardships and trials in life, this project is written to inspire others to not ever give up.

I have many singles lined up to release, but i also want to release my first album next as well. The concepts of these projects is to show my creativity because I’ve made the beats for two of the singles and to show that real music still exist. This is to pave another route in music and to show that it’s okay to be different and set yourself apart from the others.“


I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! They keep me going but they are family to me not fans“


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