Trace Austin is one of the hottest young names in show business right now! He was originally born in London England but relocated to the United States at five years old.

He has also lived in New Jersey but now resides in California with a dual residency in London. He also calls England his other hometown because of his foundation of British culture even though he’s in America most of the time.

Trace’s music is Incomparable to any other artists because it has an international feel that appeals to everyone. It’s more mainstream because the music in England has had a big influence on his sound. When you listen to it, you will hear it’s mixture of a little house, pop, and a nice urban beat.

His music is unique so it will hold its longevity and have people bobbing to his sound 10 and 20 years from now. Trace also doesn’t use any auto-tune or any voice altering programs to produce his music.

Trace started making music professionally at the age of 12 years old, he recorded his first record with well known producer Teddy Riley, and did his first professional music video at 12 years old also.

A fun fact to know about Trace is his grandfather is the all famous Temptation Otis Williams! Otis is the man who took him on stage for the first time when he was five years old and he got the bug to be an artist ever since, Trace told us…

“I will never forget the day he brought me on stage and I looked at the crowd that was screaming for these five guys who were living legends. I knew right then and there that I wanted to be just like my grandpa Otis!”

Trace said some of his other inspirations were Pharrell Williams Kid Cudi, Kanye West, & Tyler The Creator. He told us that he really likes Pharrell because of his futuristic sound & that him and his mom were always listening to his music while singing and dancing in the car, Trace said in his own words that…

“All of these artists inspire me because they truly influenced me to make music myself. Kanye West is different because he is the definition of pure talent, and he is his own person and he owns that. Kid Cudi is a positive artist, and I like that because it motivates me to stay positive too.”

Right now Trace has quite a few singles out, he just released his Debut EP “Canary Wharf” that is introducing him as an artist.

One of his most popular singles is titled “MOSH” produced and engineered by Village Boy Prince, and it’s a straight banger!!! You’ve probably already heard on the radio!

This beat just makes you wanna get hype and move. The name says it all, when you hear it at a packed concert, you will see the MOSHPITS opening up and people starting to rage!

Another hit single Trace has released is “VERDE”, this song is featured on his “Canary Wharf” EP. This song describes the connection he shares with a special girl in his life and how they can get away from everything around them when they are with each other. You definitely want to play this song when you are chilling with your other half!

There are two features on the “Canary Wharf” EP, one of those features is Love Mansuy who just recently did a song with Lil Wayne. Trace also has two songs with Dubri, the songs he did with him were “Blasé” in “Don’t Start” which have more of a melodic feel to them.

Trace has a live stream show coming up on June 20th that he will be hosting from Hawaii. Unfortunately all of his other live shows will be pushed back due to COVID-19, but he will be live streaming his performances until venue performances are rescheduled. Also he’s planning on shooting two music videos for “MOSH” & “VERDE” during the down time, so keep your eyes peeled.

Outside of music Trace does his part in the community by volunteering & going to feed the homeless, he’s also planning to start a lyric writing class online so he can help teach new young artist how to do their own music also.

Trace would also like to tell his supporters…

“I am grateful for my followers and I’m always open to their ideas for performances, music, and suggestions on new creative ideas. I really appreciate the support!”