Fine$$e Drops “P4P” Mixtape, Project Breaks 50K Streams in Week 1 alone! 📈

Fine$$e Drops “P4P” Mixtape, Project Breaks 50K Streams in Week 1 alone! 📈

Fine$$e Drops “P4P” Mixtape, Project Breaks 50K Streams in Week 1 alone!

Pound 4 Pound could be considered Hip Hop (rap/trap) music because of the cadence, the flows and the content really make this music inspirational and motivational. 

“It’s music you can feel and you know is coming from an honest place. It’s  a BOP for sure, but actual, factual content and fundamentally, it’s structured to tell a meaningful story.”

Music for me  has always been inspiration for Fine$$e.

“You know growing up, you freestyle with ur friends and it’s a social thing. It wasn’t until I’d say about 15-16 where I actually wrote my first song. From there it was just mastering the craft until I felt it was time to put myself out there.”

Fine$$e released his first project “IAMFINE$$E” on his own platform “finesselife.org”. From there he began promoting himself, booking independent shows and accomplishing goals through natural progression to get to get to the top.

“The motivation to record and promote my music comes from the inspiration around me. I’m very observant and in tune with my emotions so making music is therapeutic for me.”

So let’s take it back to 2015 when he dropped his debut project “IAMFINE$$E”. 

“It was them nights in the basement working with the gang having that dream of being a rap millionaire. The energy back then was the purest because it was that stage of experimentation and finding myself.”

 Fine$$e followed that project up with “NEVER FORGET“ which was the start to a series of mixtapes. On this project he basically stamped that he was going to be doing music.

“NEVER FORGET VOL 2” dropped late 2019 and that project was super special to him. Fine$$e said he was getting back to basements and experimenting again.

“I engineered and recorded that project all by myself, really just putting myself out there. The music in there reminded me of why I was so talented because I can make something out of nothing.”

In 2020 Fine$$e dropped “FINE$$IN AIN’T EASY” right in the middle of the pandic which ended up breaking 100,000 streams within the first 6 months.

“My son was born that previous year and he was with me the whole time I recorded this project. Even though he was young it meant more having him there and the vibes was crazy just seeing my son rock with my music.”

As of right now “ FINE$$IN AIN’T EASY “ is his most streamed project to date. Every song on there is a BOP. If you like to pop your shit or listen to music that motivates you this project is for you.

“I’m really in my bag with this one and I feel like this project I brought the best Fine$$e. From the beat selection to the flows and melodies to the content you won’t be disappointed. And it’s music with a message and that’s meaningful.”

There are so many amazing producers on this project, shoutout Olo, Dj Stizz, Juanra for their efforts on the EP. 

Without the right production you’re not going to have to BOP so it’s really important. There are no features on this project but Fine$$e wants to shout out ChevyBoys, Rico Gang. They had a lot to do with the curation and success of the mixtape.

One of the biggest songs Fine$$e has right now is “Vroom”, this is an all around great song that makes you wanna get into a car and speed off to some money!

“ I Remember being in the studio listening to many beats. And once I heard this beat I just instantly knew it was the one. I had my son with me during the recording process and he had to be no more that 7 months. Even he was rocking with the record and that’s when I knew. Vroooom!”

On April 23rd Fine$$e hosted his mixtape release party at Sumyoungho Club in Downtown Augusta, GA. 

“Shoutout Dj Mouk and the whole Fast Lane Grind Gang.”

“I make it look easy but I be going hard. My journey has been one for the books but I always know I ain’t gone never stop applying pressure and getting better with time. I don’t only do this for me but I do this because I love it.”