95Savant, making noise out of Chicago, Illinois!

95Savant, making noise out of Chicago, Illinois!

95Savant is one of the artists making noise coming out of Chicago, Illinois. He is an original singer/ Rapper on the come up right now!

Savant was born & raised in Chicago, he moved to New York after high school to pursue his dreams as an Artist and has been on the move leaving his footprint all across the United States since.

He is also a master of multiple crafts, he practices more than 1 art form such as; Acting , Stand-up Comedy & Painting . All of these different hobbies are what influence the point of view that brings the unique sound to his music.

“I’ve been making music my entire life and been recording music since  I was 16years old. A friend from high school invited me to his studio, I remember falling in love with the process of making music. I’ve been chasing that high ever since.”

Nas, Pharrell , Lauren Hill , Anthony Hamilton , Slick Rick & Usher are some of the many influences that inspired Savant to start making melodic tunes.

“These artist inspire me because of the way each artist transported you into their world when you listen to their music. “

95Savamt has released music on multiple Streaming Platforms including Spotify, Itunes, Apple music, Pandora,Youtube music, & Tidal.

Savant also released an exclusive EP on Soundcloud, you will hear a mixture of Hip Hop & R&B on that project. 

One of 95Savant’s most popular songs is “Morning Love”, produced & Engineered by: Kerim Wilhem, this a single about that warm feeling in the morning you have waking up next to your soul mate.

“After a crazy night or a relaxing night waking up to someone who understands you”.

Another song on the rise is “Give me a try”, also produced by Kerim, is about a friend who had suicidal thoughts because of a past relationship.

“I was secretly in love with her and decided to write a song about how I felt.”

Savant is currently working on a Debut album, he told us..

“I want to make a classic,  I’m currently putting a fundraising event for “black girl break bread”, “Social CHI” and “goodkid bad city”. coming very soon.”

In addition to making music 95Savant does his part in the community by getting involved & helped raise over $17,000 to feed and pay bail for BLM Protesters in Chicago during the times of the protests and Riots back in 2020.

“With that being said, I love y’all, Thank you and Enjoy the ride.”