Novakaiine222 Makes his official Debut by releasing his Mixtape: “Nova’s World”!

Novakaiine222 Makes his official Debut by releasing his Mixtape: “Nova’s World”!

Nocakaiine was originally born in Burbank California, then spent most of his childhood in Tolleson AZ, but currently this living legend resides in Palmdale CA.

Nova only decided that he would start taking music seriously during the start of the pandemic.

This independent artist has a super unique style of music making it very hard to narrow down to one category, each song is seriously packed with versatility. 

Nocakaiine’s voice stands out a lot from other artists because of the deep tone and uniqueness.

“I listen to so many different types of music that when I make my own I try to blend everything that I like to hear into my own sound. It’s so distinctive that as soon as you hear the voice you know who is rapping.”

Novakaiine also stated… “I started music seriously when covid19 started but music has been my passion ever since I was a child. Hanging around other artists and listening to artists that were already out made me realize that if I was to start making music, it would be better than the majority of the garbage I was hearing.”

Everybody has always told Nova that his voice was special and made for something such as music or announcing, he knew that he was destined to use his vocals to the fullest. 

When he dropped his first EP, he realized how much love he actually got, he knew from there on that he could make it big as long as he worked hard and wasn’t going to stop.

A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, and Drakeo the ruler are huge inspirations to Novakaiine because they are lyrically insane, and extremely versatile such as himself.

Novakaiine has 3 EP’s and 2 singles out. His most recent EP “Nova’s World”, shows versatility at its finest. One minute it’s a west coast song, then next he switches it to an Atlanta beat, then the next song might be on a Detroit beat. 

His previous EP titled “Spaceship EP” is the new wave with a little twist of that old school in it. When you tune in and listen to Novakaiine222, you will fall in love instantly and be hypnotized with the crazy aesthetic beats and mesmerizing voice.

Nova’s World is another project projected to round up some big numbers this year, it is an EP with 5 original tracks on it.

The project consists of turn up songs that you can listen to when you’re either at a club in LA or just having fun with friends, this ep is a non-skip classic.

No features are  on this project but it was produced by well known beat makers such as “DJFLIPPP” and “5.0”, both of which are California based producers.

Another banger that Novakaiine has parked on the shelf is Grease Vibe, this is a Single. This song is a crazy underrated club hit that just pretty much has vibes written all over it. You turn this song on when you feel unstoppable, when you feel courageous, you turn this song on when you feel on top of the world!

This song was Produced by “stardustszn”, another extremely talented producer.

Nova will be shooting the video for “Bossed Up” in San Diego in the next couple weeks. Stay Tuned for legendary new music alongside cinematic videos, and see what this young man has in store for all of us!