iLL $werve was born in Beverly Hills, CA & has resided in California his whole life. He absolutely loves California, saying that it's just the place where everything happened first. His music is very diverse, it is a combination of pop, emorap, punk rock, and hip hop, sort of like Uzi & Bieber all at once.

“My music is always from the heart. Every song takes the listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, and that's how I like it. There are energetic highs, deep and dark lows, and everything in between.”

His parents discovered his musical inclination when during a pre-school assembly, iLL grabbed the microphone from the teacher & sang “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. That caused his parents to enroll him into piano lessons. Until the age of 18, he was training classically on piano. 

Following high school, iLL $werve kicked off “Pink Fun,” his music duo with the son of pop icon Macy Gray. iLL began touring with his band playing his part on the keyboard & doing vocals becoming the regular opening act for Macy Gray. 

“Though I enjoyed playing keyboard and singing, I  sensed I could do more, and be more free on my own, so my partner and I amicably parted ways in 2018. From that point on, I went by the stage name iLL $werve, and started making music I really enjoyed. Myself and my team produce all of my music.“

Late 2019, $werve started his own label called "Sad Flex!". The label throws shows and raises money for the national suicide prevention lifeline charity, and spreads mental health awareness. At their first show, they had hundreds of attendees. 

“I noticed all the people, the good vibes, and all of these fans of emo rap, sad, depressing music. These were damaged people I was helping, I noticed them having a blast, riding the mechanical bull, and raging to independent artists. I just had to keep going from that moment!”

iLL $werve & his team threw 5 more shows following the successful first one, & each one got bigger and bigger. Sad Flex even had a mini tour planned out for the east coast market, but when Covid hit in March, they had to cancel the whole thing. They are in talks with venues now and rolling out a new set of shows in the very near future.

iLL $werve’s debut album, "Cutting Edge" was very experimental but it's in the Hall Of Fame. His overall style was introduced then, and you can tell it helped him progress his sound to what it is now. 

On May 19 he also dropped "Swerve Now, Pay Later!" which is four perfectly mixed songs that are all about the rise and fall of a romantic encounter, and that EP really takes listeners on a full ride through the world of swerve. 

Following that project, iLL also released “Swerve Season” an EP consisting of 6 perfectly crafted songs not to mention all of them being bangers, talking a lot about heartbreak, passion, and storytelling, and a little bit of bragging about his accomplishments.

"Every song except for Blow, is a solo track. Everyone featured on Blow doesn't talk to me anymore, except for lambboyy, and specifically asked not to be featured in the song/credited...

I couldn't have done the project without my engineer Matt ""Matty J"" Jacobson. He is a master engineer who has mixed for the likes of Travis Scott and Justin Bieber. I am very lucky to have him on my team. We co produce a lot of the beats together. Also, Horchata and Day Job were produced by Yokai, Jacob Koziarz. He is incredible as well. Straight slappers."

In addition to that “Day Job” is a crazy experimental single that categorizes in screamo/hip hop genre, but it is a  slapper and a true story! 

“One day I decided to say fuck my job and I quit and then made this music video. Song is produced by Yokai, Jacob Koziarz and the video, shot by Fernando Felix, it goes nuts. Its on Vevo and I want people to fucking rage to this shit. This song makes you wanna jump in a mosh pit and knock some skulls...trust.”

iLL $werve has a showcase coming up on 6/18/2021 @ “BASSLINE CHICAGO” : 2239 S MICHIGAN AVE TAP IN FOR TICKETS


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