Lil H.O.R. this young OG making his name out of Dolla Town. Lil H.O.R. was born in Darlington South Carolina, but he now resides in Los Angeles where he is blowing up in the music industry. He is one of the hottest singers/ rappers coming up in the game right now.

First off let’s straighten out the misconceptions of LIl H.O.R.’s name! A lot of people hear his name being announced on the radio and automatically take it as a vulgar name, a fun fact most of you didn’t know, Hor was a pharaoh who ruled Egypt, his full name was Hor Awibre.

Not only is Hor an ancient pharaoh’s name it also stand as an acronym for “House Of Rouse”, with Rouse being Lil Hor’s actual last name!

The best way to describe his music is a cross between smooth melodies and trap harmonies, making a unique rap genre of his own that stands out from the rest!

He has been making music for as long as he can remember and he recorded his first song in 2012 ,but he did not start taking it seriously until 2016. LIL H.0.R. has a ton of inspirations when it comes to making music, some of those inspirations would be Nate dog & Lil Wayne.

He was inspired by Nate Dogg because of his ability to rap and sing all in one, which is where he gets some of his style from.

Next in line of inspirations would be Lil Wayne & Young thug. Lil H.O.R. is moved by lil Wayne’s metaphors, and also said that Young Thug shares a similar style of music with him. Right now H.O.R. is making his way to the top so he can get a feature from Wayne & Thugger.

Right now Lil H.O.R. has about 10 songs released on all streaming platforms. There are three songs that he’s really trying to focus on promoting, the first song will be “Run It Up” & this song talks about him motivating himself and others. He wants his listeners to know that the sky is the limit and that they are the king or queen of their own throne!

Another really popular song & one of the most recent songs released by Lil H.O.R. is I want 4PF, this was produced by foreign made it. The name stands for “I want 4 pockets full”, the concept to create this song came from inspiration of making it out of the streets.

Lil H.O.R.has a few other hits like “MMG” which stands for “Money My Guap”, “Don’t Wanna Make Love”, & “Long Time”.

These songs have been mixed, Mastered & produced by some legendary producers/ Engineers like Sonny C Money, BenGreat513, Kinfolk John, Eli Young & Mike Wes!

Lil H.O.R. put on a huge performance in front of 2000 people at GVMERZCUP right before COVID-19 shut everything down on March 7th. He plans to schedule some more showcases after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted so stay in tune for those presale tickets!

Outside of music Lil H.O.R. is always getting involved in the community by talking to the youth and keeping them positive and motivated during hard times.

Lil H.O.R. Would also like to tell his supporters…

“You guys are all amazing, and there is nothing that you can’t do!”