Fine$$e is one of the hottest rappers coming up in the game right now! Originally born in Bronx, NY, he moved around and was raised in Augusta, GA, but currently living in Los Angeles where he is making his waves in the music industry!

Fine$$e is a versatile Rapper, Engineer, & Producer and also the originator of “Fine$$e Music”. He is well known for his unique sound and his ability to make his listeners feel his experiences through is his music.

He has been recording music for a little over 4 years and being inspired is what made him record his first track. He shares his life story through his tracks and gives listeners a peak into his world from his perspective. He  told us that….

“I feel like my struggle is like everyone else’s, i’m just tryna make it but the way I translate it is it’s all about finesse and your hustle. That’s my motivation”

Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne are 2 people that made him want to rap. The way they kick lyrics is like no other and the unique styles they invent is incomparable to any other artists. That’s how Fine$$e wants to stamp his flow!

Right now Fine$$3 has 3 projects released on the airways. “ Never Forget “ , “Never Forget Vol 2.”, and his most recent project “Finessin Ain’t Easy”, which dropped July 15th 2020 & is about to cap over 250,000 streams this weekend!

You can see the progression in his music from Ep to Ep. Never Forget was a introduction piece and Fine$$e talking his shit. “Never Forget Vol 2” he gives the knowledge and the code, and “Finessin Ain’t Easy” is a masterpiece where the two meet and you get vibes and learn the keys to Fine$$e. 

One of his most popular songs “Vroom” off of the “Finessin Ain’t Easy“ Ep, is one of those songs that as soon as the beat drops, its a head bopper. We asked him how he came up witht he song and he said that,,,,

“When I heard this beat I just hopped in the booth and rocked out. I had my 6 month old son in the booth with me so that was fun. You can even hear him on the track!“

Finessin Ain’t Easy “ it’s a 7 track playlist full of motivation and hustler music. The name of the Project was inspired by Fine$$e going through the motions of life, The triumphs the pitfalls, The success and fuck ups…

“The grind that goes into chasing your dreams. You can’t stop no matter how hard it gets. And you know people will look at your accomplishments and think they came easy but they don’t know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into it. This is what this project represents, the pains of the grind.” 

This project really came from Fine$$e being in the studio & putting that work in. Covid 19 happened so he just locked it in. You won’t hear any features on this project because he was focused on creating something new that made sense to him at the time. 

“My story is important to be told. I collaborated with all producers I’ve never worked with before. Notably @_lilore @djStizz and @1juanraa came through with some clutch placements as they networked with me and we ended up making magic. The best thing about this project is that I engineered it myself so the fans are really getting the finesse sound. This is how I hear music. It’s my story and I know people are going to relate. When you get it out of the mud it feels a little different!”

Outside of music Fine$$ plays his Part on the community as a  social activist by supporting the black lives matter movement.  He will also be peaking at an upcoming rally to talk about social injustices on August 29th in Augusta, GA.