Vandes Jackson was born in Chicago, Illinois, but he currently resides in Los Angeles, California! 

This Master of music can Produce, write, & engineer his own craft. He is a very multi-talented artist which is very rare to find in this day & age. 

Rockstar Trap Music is the original genre that Vandes Jackson pioneered, It’s a bridge of various genres primarily centered around rap. The distinction is the placement of the elements musically to create a certain positive drive in the atmosphere. This music is created to inspire as many people as possible through the positive vibes and creative process!

His influences, training, and experience have all crafted a recipe of creative mayhem. There’s only one Vandes. That’s a fact. However, as it pertains to his music, he is very humbled to always hear the difference in his approach opposed to mainstream music. He told us that…

“It truly is an amazing feeling to know you’re accepted by the world when you’re genuine putting your heart into something so sophisticated like music. Authenticity makes the difference, people recognize that!”

Vandes was about 8 when he started playing drums as a kid in church. He had a little junior drum set up in his grandparents attic that turned into a laboratory of experiments and noise. Gene Ammons’ “Canadian Sunset” played EVERY morning in their house, that’s one of his grandfather’s favorites. 

“I’m pretty sure I fell in love with Jazz and the arts of it before I even realized what it was. The hunger for music has always been present for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I missed meals, and hanging out with friends just for the sake of touching a keyboard, or hearing some music at all.”


Sean Combs (P. Diddy, Puffy, or Diddy) and Timbaland are his two earliest inspirations. The various hats they wear started initially at just one. It takes a lot of doors closing, experimentation, and brainstorming to become a record executive, and music mogul. He knows this because the path for him thus far has been an interesting one. Vandes also told us that Timbaland changes the perspective of hip hop from a melodic standpoint…forever. His influence will never be discredited. 

These artists took risks with their creativity because they knew just how much power they possessed with it. The most inspiring part about these risks isn’t necessarily Billboard hits to Vandes, but how they became creative in their own domains. Timbaland and Sean Combs made the thought possible for him to brand himself as a producer, rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, and record executive.

Vandes Jackson‘s debut mixtape titled, “Rockstar Trap Music“ released Aug 7th. This project follows the June 20th release of “Audemar Dreams”, and the brake pedal hasn’t been an option since the debut release of “Vibe”.  Vandes Told us that… 

“The music from the south really sharpened my ear as a producer growing up with influences from Gucci, Young Thug, Metro Boomin, and Zaytoven. That’s how I invented Rockstar Trap Music!”

This Mixtape consists of 10 Songs, “Rockstar Trap Music” is about feeling like you’re on top of the world. Originally, the name started out as an independent collective that delivered everything from Trap to Rock and everything in between. He decided to personally take it and share it with the world because everyone can appreciate it. Vandes Jackson told us behind the scenes that…

“When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was extremely blessed to meet some really solid people to help me get things moving in the right direction. My advice to any artist in collaborative efforts is to find people who genuinely want to see you succeed, and really challenge you to dig within yourself to pull out the best piece of art you can. I engineer my own music primarily but Fresh3Fresh and B-Mar    showed me a lot in the lab as I brought it all together. Also a major shoutout to Diana Schweinbeck. If you don’t know who that is, you might want to find out!”

One of Vandes Jackson’s hottest songs out right now is his hit single “Tesla” It’s actually apologetic, but you wouldn’t even notice! The song is a gentleman’s motion of correcting his infidelity. We’ve been told it’s “wavy”. JMC Bugatti is the main artist on this song. When they  first met, they connected almost instantly and decided to later collaborate on a few songs together. This is certainly just one of many!

Outside of music, Vandes plays his part in the community by supporting and promoting other independent artists, volunteering , and veterans assistance when time permits. 

Vandes Jackson would also like to tell his supporters…

“Thank you for your support! You’ve watched me come very far, but this is just the beginning! You guys are amazing!”