King Saint is one of the hottest voices in Hip Hop/ Rap making a name for himself in the Midwest and the Dirty South right now! King was Born in Los Angeles California specifically in the east side of LA. He grew up in the city of panorama and comes from a family of Salvadoran and Honduran descent. When he was 13, he then moved to Raleigh North Carolina in the SouthEast area, off of exit 300. He ended up getting expelled from 2 different schools for fighting and getting caught smoking weed in the hallway, then he was transferred to an alternative school in freshman year, & ended up dropping out of school.

Later on he moved out on his own to the East side of Rockford Illinois with his ex and her family when he was 17. King Saint enrolled in Rockford Illinois East side alternative school, but it didn’t work out, due to responsibilities of paying bills, that’s when he started working in a factory on the East side where he was getting paid $7.50 an hour. 

His story continued when he moved again to the city of Chicago Illinois in the Belmont and Cragin park area, this is when he said he started taking the Music more seriously. King Saint didn’t have a stable income due to a bad neighborhood with a low income rate. 

What makes his music different is that he brings the people together for a good purpose, his sound brings unity among all different types of people. He has meaning in his songs, he writes for those who walk alone in their own lives, and those who don’t have any guidance, His music motivates the spirit! 

King Saint has been doing music for about 2 years now starting back in 2018, he told us that…

“I started making music In high school, but I didn’t take it seriously at the time in 2016. It was the poetry that got me started in making rhymes, I then realized I could make poems that rhymed, so I then started making lyrics on instrumentals. I started doing music to get away. I was making songs to express myself due to hard times, I would spend most of my time alone. After living in a broken home with a torn down family, having family uncles and cousins locked up and on drugs…” 

King Saint’s Mother and Father were immigrants trying to escape a violent past in Central America, looking for a better life in the United States but ended up having hard times here also. He told us that his family was always working, being home alone with his younger brother was regular. 

King told us about his dangerous neighborhood where other kids took his bike and tried to Rob him after school. He grew up learning to have people’s respect and to defend yourself alone. His mother would work everyday,  with bills still  piling up. He told us that he gave his mother a hard time by being in the streets late at night. 

“I was hanging with other people and got into trouble. I slowly started making songs, my younger brother would produce on his laptop, but due to daily life distractions I couldn’t focus on music,  I was battling a lot of demons, I stopped doing music when I got expelled from high school, I been expelled from 2 different schools,  I fell off the music until some close friends got locked up, and another friend died in a car accident. Not having any friends left,  that woke me to get back on,  I took a lot of losses, I had nothing else to lose, I couldn’t reach my highest potential. But now

I’m back on with a different purpose in my city.”

 You have probably heard his most popular song “Frost”. He dropped the music video on July 8th, 2020. This banger is produced by Nick & engineered by Backend300, the visuals were shot by Mel major productions.

Right now King Saint has only released singles, the most popular are “Need Plug” , “Back on” , and  “Off Percs” featuring Backend300. He doesn’t have any official albums yet, but has more singles coming soon. and a new music video dropping within the next couple of weeks. 

King Frost is his next project set to drop as a 2 song  EP,  it only has 2 songs on the tape, with a new song that’s dropping on august 29th, we asked what this project was all about, he told us that…

“This project is about getting back on to the music after being out the way and on the streets handling business and showing rappers who’s the hottest in the city. After other rappers diss and make music about fake lives, dissing haters, etc… The song frost is referring to freezing my enemies, my haters freeze when they see me like frosty the snowman.” 

Another popular song by King saint is “Plug”, its a single. This project is about being off percs, with artist backend300 and being lit, turning up.

Outside of music, King Saint volunteers in his community by feeding the homeless. He also trys to help any positive movements that are supposed to be for a better in his community. He always talks about keeping harmony and peace, life is to short to struggle.

“I want to say thank to my fans for the support, don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peac , life is too short to worry in life, be unbreakable and absorb all the things you go through, don’t be looking down, keep your chin up. if you want to change the world, it starts with you. Stay in tune we got the city lit, more music coming soon!”