Zoee8 was Born And Raised In New Orleans, LA, the 8th Ward To Be Specific. HisJourney Began At 12, he told us that he was surrounded by Violence Growing Up So It Wasn’t Hard To Tell his Stories In his Raps. 

“Soon I’d Watch Myself Become The Hero Of My Neighborhood. If You Go In The 8, Ask About Zoee.”

Zoe has one of the most unique sounds we have yet to come across in the underground scene. This music is a Mix Between Drill, Lavish Lifestyles, Trap, Rap, Soul, & a touch of Auto Tune..

“ I Wont Put Myself In A Box, Still Learning New Things Everyday And Always Willing To Teach Myself New Tricks.”

Zoe is Not Afraid To Try Something New, Standing Out Is One Of The Most Important Things In This Business. He is Always Up For The Challenge Of Doing Something Different and breaking new barriers. 

Zoe has never been known toBack Down From A Challenge, And he is Always climbing to Reach New Heights, Being Able To Think Differently  Is What Makes Zoe’s incredible music Different.

Zoe has Been Making Music Since he Was 12 Years Old, I Was Raised around a lot of influences experiencing poverty & did not have the best role models. This environment helped Zoe shape his versatile sound, and also inspired him to take his experiences and turn them into stories of overcoming challenges.

“When I Jumped Off The Porch I Already Knew I Could Rhyme And I Had A Story To Tell But Still Had To Go And Get It On My Own In Them Streets So It Molded Me And Shaped My Music..”

Some of the artists that inspired Zoe are Lil Wayne, BG, Soulja Slim, Pac, & Max B In No Specific Order Since All Are Legends In Their Own Right. 

They All Played Different Roles In Tuning His Ear For Music, some of them also set an example and Opened his eyes and showed himThat It Was Possible for him to make it to the top..

Not All Of the Artist That Inspire Zoe Share The Same Struggle As him, But All Of Them Were Geniuses In The Way They Perfected Their Craft.

“ They Motivate Me To Keep Going, Keep Getting Better, And To Find That Right Sound.”

Zoe has Released 4 Projects To this Date, starting with “Bangavelli I, II, & III” As Well As “Before I Fall”. As You Can Tell that Pac Is A Big inspiration on some of the  projects mentioned, Zoe told us that… 

“He Shaped How I Perceived Rap Since A Child, Pac May Have Been One Of The Non Local Rappers That Got Play In My Pops Ride As A Shorty.” 

Each Album Displays Multiple Versions Of Zoe’s musical personality, he has the ability to Make Music For The Club, The Radio, And The Streets.

One of Zoe’s biggest Singles yet are “For Free ”, It’s A Song About His Life, Nothing Costs Much.. In Fact I Can Get It For Free. This song was Mixed by CL his engineer and the 2 plan to release multiple projects together.

Zoe has also recently released another big single titled: “STOMP”. This song is available on every digital streaming platform, so make sure you tap in, this song might have the potential to break over 100,000 streams.


Outside of the music business, Zoe does his part in the community by going out to Feed The Homeless, organizing Clothing Giveaways, and much more. All The Kids Walk Up To Zoe For $20 bills To Go In The Store, the youngsters see him AsThe Neighborhood Hero. 

Zoe would also like to tell his supporters…

“THANKS For All The Support. I Appreciate The Support, But We Going Out With A BANG Mann