Petite Adore Goes viral with her latest single: “No Fancy Family”.

Petite Adore Goes viral with her latest single: “No Fancy Family”.

Petite Adore is originally from St. Paul & Minneapolis areas in Minnesota. She was born in St. Paul until 1st grade where she moved with her mom to Las Vegas. They resided there for a while until moving to Florida & then Arizona later on.

“I just tell people I’m universal because I didn’t get fully raised in one state and now I’m currently in Chicago.”

Petite Adore’s music is different because she has her own unique voice, also the way she structures her bars adds complement to her lyricism when she writes.

This queen has been doing music for 2 years non stop, 

“I started doing music when I was a youngin, I remember my cousin’s and great aunty always had me battle rapping against my sister or others when I was young and as I got older I would freestyle alone or around my friends and they would always tell me I need to start taking music serious, I didn’t start taking music serious until August 2019 when I first got in a studio and recorded behind the mic and from there it was a wrap.”

Petite Adore can use music to express herself as well as using it as a platform to reach out to others that relate to her.

“I’m already knowing one day my voice will be heard to give wisdom to the world and I will be able to help my family out of the struggle.”

Cardi b inspired Petite Adore by her struggle and can relate to knowing how her family doubted her when she worked in the night life.

“I’m inspired by MYSTIKAL and his unique sound in voice  and fast rapping flowing to the beat he’s my goto male artist that I like from the early 2000s, I love Mary j Blige voice she make me wish I can sing, I just love how she express her love in pain in her music about her dating life I can definitely relate.”

Petite Adore also mentioned a few more inspirations…

“I like EVE because of her lyrical flow, she knows how to spit without being sexual. But on another mother that’s why I like Trina because she can talk about the sexy stuff on a song.”

Petite Adore is also inspired by Missy Elliot with her music and her films. She admires Missy Elliot’s hustle  & her creativity most of all with her music videos and raw beats.

No fancy family is the biggest Single Petite Adore has released so far, breaking 25,000 streams in the first week alone; this track is also produced by HVRMES.

“I got the title NO FANCY FAMILY from one of my lyrics out of my 2nd verse, when I wrote this song I wanted to express to people how I grew up and that’s with a gang banging father from the south Side of Chicago and my mother that worked the night life. Both my parents had to find a way in the streets to survive whether that was selling drugs, robbing or being an exotic dancer, they sacrificed their free will to do what they had to do for me and my siblings and I wanted to express how I didn’t grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth but in a party song that’s a banger.”

“BOSSES & BALLERS” is another big Single that Petite Adore has released.

“I got the song title from the chorus of my song, bosses in ballers, this is about being around real ballers and bosses and not them fake flexing wanna be’s, also it’s about being able to travel and spend money while getting a little sexual.”

Petite Adore also wanted to say…

“I just want to thank my supporters for believing in me and supporting me at the beginning of my career by listening to my music and sending me inspiring dm’s to keep going.”