2ruwave, Making Waves In LA 🌊

2ruwave, Making Waves In LA 🌊

2ruwave is the original artist making a breakthrough in LA coming straight out of Burbank, California. 2ru is a master of music, with multiple talents of singing, rapping, & engineering.

2ru was born and raised in the 818 Valley area, he was into music as a child, playing instruments and performing as a kid gave him the confidence he needed to make music. 

“I’ve always been an outspoken person and I put that into  my lyrics in my songs when creating. I want to be able to share strong messages and remarks in my music that listeners can relate to and turn up to.”

2ruwave is Pioneering a style between hip hop, trap, and rap, mixed with vocalizing. When you listen to his music, you can tell that he has mastered vocalizing and singing to create new sounds and flows.

“I would say the wordplay and voice soundings . I can make a huge shift from one specific rhythm . Into a whole new sound coming off differently but well mixed together.”

2ruwave started doing music when he was 8 years old. From there on he learned a few instruments, played alongside many artists and started rapping in his later teen years. 

“Sticking with rap has directed me to a pathway of engineering where I’m starting to make my own music independently.”

Some of his earliest inspirations were Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Lil Wayne, and dr Dre. Later inspirations were Kevin Gates, Gunna, Drake, & Future.

“They’ve inspired me in the fact that they came from a different story, same ambition, same protocol & for them to be today’s legends, & what they mean for the culture with their way of life. That’s what inspired me.”

2ru has a huge music catalog, one of the biggest projects he has to date is an album called  “Uprise”. 2ru mainly has released singles on digital streaming platforms. 

His debut album consists of wordplay on different sounds, he talks about things such as , hatred from others, negativity, positivity, overcoming, getting money, and the trap days he came from, also not to mention, the winning aspect and self success.

2ruwave was featured on “Into That” by rising rapper Fine$$e . The song is off his latest mixtape project “Pound 4 Pound”. 

2ruwave states it is his favorite collaboration . Both artists talk about the grind, hard times, and what it is to be a boss in their own way of life. 

2ru & Fine$$e talk about the past days, the doubt others had on them and how they overcame the struggle, achieved success, & rightfully took what’s theirs.

 2ruwave comes off on his verse as having a strong humbled ego where he is aggressive in his lyrics about being doubted, hated, underestimated, & still hustling not phased in his ways.

Another big song that 2ru is featured on is “Yo Gotti” by Dee Eph. 2ruwave and Dee Eph linked and connected for a collaboration both comrades can execute.

Dee Eph & 2ruwave have a lifelong connection in which they United for this hit single. The Song “Yo Gotti” is a fun, catchy, vibe song in which listeners can enjoy and express their emotions too. 

2ruwave had fun with this collaboration as it was a last minute project and the nature of it came out beyond what it was expected. The song lyrics reflect getting money, partying, & a boss vibe for those who like to win.

“It is a BIG VIBE for people to turn up freely no matter the time of day.”

2ruwave is expected to release new singles alongside music videos throughout the rest of the 2021 year. Also he is expecting to start performing again via post pandemic. Dates and times are still TBA for these events.

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“I want to greatly appreciate my supporters, fans, and listeners for sticking by me throughout my artist career. I have way much more to give in the near future & I cannot wait to release project gems for y’all to rock with!”

“Keep Staying 2ru to the wave and I guarantee you it’s going to stay wavy.”

“I also want to appreciate my team FastLane GrindGang for the aspiring methods they have taught me. For business relations, work loads and advice  along this journey. THANK YOU!”