HAJ, the Rising Star makes his entrance into the music industry 

HAJ, the Rising Star makes his entrance into the music industry 

HAJ is a multi talented artist, playing multiple roles as a Rapper, Producer, & Engineer. HAJ was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and lived most of his life over there. He spent most of his  summers in Amman, Jordan which is the actual hometown to his family. 

He eventually moved to Ottawa to get his masters degree in civil engineering at 26 years old, & at 27 he started writing rap music after learning the english language.

This diverse background has been the recipe for all of the enthusiastic flows HAJ produces, from trap flows to sad flows, you will always have your ear glued to the speakers when you hear his voice..

“I started writing basic raps until it eventually evolved to writing my first album after a year or so, recording it in my bedroom and releasing it all independently,  i almost got no traction on it, but it broke the ice for me…”

Eminem, Dr.Dre ,2pac, Biggie, Dmx, snoop dogg, outkast, as well as other arabic music have also been a great influence to inspire his diverse sounds.

HAJ has released around  6 songs that are covers from other known Artists. Some of his most popular remixes are “Dead Presidents” , “Rhymes like Dymes, & “Bruuuh Song.”

 HAJ then released (Empire State Of Mind” with 12 tracks on it. The album gives the listener the basic understanding of who HAJ really is.

“This project shows the different flows and music I like to rap on. Also I produced and arranged one instrumental track on the album as well which had no singing,  which was fun to do.”

Another big song making its way up the charts is “Plain Destination ”, this is a Single. The song is the first song on his mixtape, its name is telling the listener that we don’t need a destination, turn up the radio and cruise to the music..

Refugees is another big Single HAJ has released, this song is the last song on the mixtape and shows the contrast between the beginning of the album where we don’t got any plans to go anywhere and the last song where we usually end up migrating or as refugees because where are we originally from.

“Thanks for your support, I appreciate every ounce of it since I originally make music for people to enjoy, so if you enjoyed my music, it means I did what I needed to do.”