Hollywood Turk is an 80’s baby that  was born in Marion, North Carolina in 1986. His parents then moved to Lake Lure nc when he was 5, when he turned 8 they then  moved to Forest City, North Carolina. That’s where he  was raised. Hollywood Turk  moved to LA in 2010 to chase his dreams in the music industry and has been making profit ever since.

Hollywood Turk is buzzing for his unique Trap style, southern flow, and west coast demeanor. You can honestly  hear the 90s-2000s R&b flow in there as well! His music is different from the wide variety of music that we’ve listened to from the early 90s to now, we can definitely vouch for him when we say he is a seasoned artist!

He has been making music for 6 years now, starting in 2012, he recorded “strapped riding solo” featuring his cousin k slay. The song came out on fire. That gave him the confidence to keep making music. He has been writing and rapping since he was 12 yrs old, always having the desire and urge to spit bars and make music. He got his first opportunity  to perform when he was only 5 years old in a church convention.

2 Pac was his very first inspiration in music, he would sneak his dads cassette tapes to listen to his music. He was 12 and I knew all of the lyrics to “me against the world “ for every track. Growing up in a Christian home he would have to sneak to listen to rap. He understood the struggle Pac was going through in his music songs like, “it ain’t easy”, “shed so many tears”, and “scandalous”. He also told us that he would play “scandalous” every time a girl did him wrong. 

2 Pac inspired him to be a strong black man, Songs like “keep ya head” up was always motivating to listen to for Hollywood Turk.

He has 3 projects released, “Whole lotta drip” was recorded in 2018. He did a collab with fam first empire. His song made it to the album “Fam First Vol 1”. After that Hollywood Turk dropped “POLO”, Playas only live once on October 31, 2019.

One of his biggest projects is “Playas only live once”, this album is for the hustlers and players.The album is a collection of 10 songs that he has recorded. Most of the beats on here are party trap songs for the ladies to twerk to. You do have more serious songs like “Change Up” and “Can’t take nothing” from a playa that talks about the struggles he had in life to make money and with dating.

You would enjoy this album track for track. You also have songs like “Lonely Nights” where he is rapping about staying at home and letting his friends go out so he can be one on one with some one special. His ex has inspired him to write this song. 

“She pulls up in a red neon, body colder than Freon, her frame is all I wanna be on, it’s like thanksgiving I get my eat on.” This song “Change” speaks on how people change up on you in relationships. Hollywood Turk has features on this album from Marc crisp, reckless west, Yung dreamy, killa official, red moolah, & memory lanes. Some of the beats produced by, mj Nichols, young bloods, Marc crisp, stacked up michaels, J Star on the beats & the Engineers on these projects were Sinister, Go Cj, Marc crisp, memory lanes.

One of his most popular songs is “So solid”, this Is a single, this project is the first song to jump off his movement souf west connect. The lyrics are about being a stand up person in the street, A person who does square business. A person you can trust around your money, family, spouse. Hollywood Turk told us that…

“I came up with the name from a discussion I was having with my girlfriend at the time. We were arguing and she was like, u can take that to the bank and check that. I used it in a song and built a concept around it. I’m so solid u can bet that, take it to the bank, u can check that. If U keep it g then I respect that. U a real g then I respect that. It’s all about respect and being real honest.”

There are features from reckless west and kid on the single. The beat was produced by mj Nichols& Engineered by sleepy 2 cents. He was working with reckless west at a telemarketing job. He also told us that…

“We both had the hobby of making music in common. He invited me to his studio one day. I came with a song I been writing too. I dropped the hook then my verse, then reckless dropped his verse. Kid was listening like “yo dats hard let me jump on.”, I heard him freestyle before that night so I was like cool. Sleep said we need something else on here.He then looked at a shorty in the studio which was an escort at the time. We said “ah Perfect, we need u to say frito lay and bet that after Turk on the song.” She was so honored to do so. It was like hustle and flow all over again but different.”

Outside of music Hollywood Turk is involved in his community by doing ballot work. Before COVID-19 shut everything down he was really involved in the elections by registering people to vote, having them sign petitions for laws to be changed, and other miscellaneous things in the political world.

Hollywood Turk would also like to tell his supporters…

“Stay consistent in your goals. Don’t give up. Reinvent yourself. Manifest. Stay positive in your thinking!”